We offer complete engineering on your product design as well as troubleshooting product failures of any existing design. We do this to provide a quality product that meets your expectations in product life and ease of assemblies. We are highly knowledgeable in all types of materials and techniques to ensure product reliability and cost efficiency.

Available Materials

Music Wire Elgiloy/Chonochrome
Stainless Steel Titanium
Beryllium Copper Brass
Phos. Bronze 17-7
Oil Tempered Blue Tempered
Inconel X750 Hard Drawn
Chrome Silicon Valve Quality
Chrome Vanadium Monel


.004 - .3125 Automatic Coiling
.015 - .072 Fourslide (wire)
Up to .020 X .750 strip Fourslide(strip)
.005 - .0625 CNC Wire Formers
Up to .125 X 6.00 Punch Press