Quality Custom Springs
For Any Application.

Spring related products can be found in just about every area of our existence. If you push it, pull it, twist it, open it, close it, resist it or assist it, and need to return it, you are probably using or need a spring. Servicing all available industries, Custom Spring Products has the knowledge and experience to accommodate your needs.

Get your springs quick.

Fast turn around times.

We understand that waiting for anything can be frustrating. That is why our goal is to provide the quickest turnaround on your pricing and delivery. 

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Custom design services.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

We have this love affair with inventors. They bring us their ideas and we assist them in making it work. Even the most creative minds benefit from information and advice. 

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Superior build quality.

Every spring passes inspection.

Every order we process must pass a series of inspections before the parts ever leave our building. This is essential for both corporations’ profitability.

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We build and design all types of springs.

Large or small, we build all types of springs for any application. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing “general” about springs. They are very specific in their size and strength. Having the right spring is the difference between working and working excellently.

From corrosion resistant to high temperature and all those in between, knowing the spring’s working atmosphere is critical to knowing the right type of material to use for it. It does not matter, to us, what form of spring or the material it is made from. We are here to help. The more versatile a corporation is, the more industries they can serve.

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